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We can never express how thankful we are for how well your company has treated us and my mother. Termite Inspector Pest Control uses Termidor, one of the most effective products for liquid termite control treatments. With Termidor, termites cannot see, smell, taste or avoid it when it is applied. Termites cannot smell, taste or avoid it! Termidor is an advanced non-repellent, meaning it is an undetectable liquid that termites cannot see, smell or taste and is used to treat the foundation of the home and areas inside the home where the termites are entering the home. We apply liquid treatments in trenches or drillings to protect foundations, slabs, and tub traps.

Termite Inspector Pest Control has been providing Termite Treatments for over 25yrs. Our pest inspections by our highly trained termite inspection technicians is second to none in Florida. Along with our termite treatments we offer 1-5 year warranties. With over 22 years of industry experience, we offer top quality Pest control services to cities in Northern Virginia and Maryland. Additionally, many of these over the counter products are not sufficient in controlling colony growth. I recommend that you combine those measures with the ones below, and as a result, their combined efficiency will produce an exponential growth. A professional exterminator can help you choose a well-rounded treatment approach that will tackle your termite problem in several efficient ways. A spot treatment may seem like a good idea because it costs less than a full treatment. Several months may pass before termites find the baits underground and distribute them to their nest-mates. Termites invade wooden material such as firewood, wood framing, wood paneling, wood floors, scrap lumber and sometimes even furniture. However, a minority of termite species can be very destructive to wood in buildings, including furniture and many other wood-based products.

In addition, all products used by American Pest are EPA registered for pest control use. It is also important to know that termiticides undergo extensive review before they can be registered with the EPA. But did you know Florida’s fabulous climate is also ideal for termites? Our exterminators understand the lifecycle and behaviors of termites and will know how to best search out and exterminate them. However, their ability enter homes in search of a food source can cause massive amounts of damage to buildings and structures if left untreated. Due to their wood-eating habits, termites can do a great deal of damage to untreated buildings and other wooden structures. Many times, termite invasions are noticed due to the consequences on wooden structures during repairs or construction. Due to the size and location of these sub-soil colonies, termites can forage beneath the surface of the soil for upwards of 300 feet from a viable food source. Localized treatment with orange oil will only control the infestation in the areas where an infestation can be identified and treated.

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Large treatments with orange oil could cost more than fumigation. Fumigation and heating of the entire house are the only options that ensure eradication in the entire structure. How Much Damage Can House Termites Do? DIY Termite Baits – DIY termite baits cost much less than professional treatment and can be highly effective. Do your own DIY homeowner sub termite control and save really big money! Southern California’s experts in Termite Control, Gopher Patrol prides itself on exceptional customer service and expertise in the termite control industry. Termite Patrol is the best termite control company in Southern California! We just recently sold our home, and Responsible provided us with the best price & service to treat our home for termites. If your home qualifies, our Termite Infestation Protection will ensure that if termites are found, we will treat your home and repair the damage – at no charge to you. Since 1988 HP Termite Control has been on the leading edge in delivering low-impact, highly effective solutions to pest problems in homes and businesses.

Termite Inspector Pest Control offers a wide range of pest control solutions and deal with almost every pest infestation imaginable, from bugs like ants and cockroaches to arachnids like spiders, as well as, rodents like mice and rats. Best of all, Termite Control offers a termite damage repair agreement if you have a Sentricon service with us. If you find that you have wood that has or previously had water damage and also find out that it has been infested by pests you need to determine what exactly in eating the wood. Terminix is a pest control company that operates through a wide selection of states, offer fast response times and cover a wide range of pests – scoring highly across our three main categories. There are three main types or species of termites in Arizona. The first and most important part of subterranean termite control is to inspect and identify the termite species. Swarming termites are maybe the first red flag of a subterranean infestation.

These include swarming termites, shed wings, mud tunnels, and damaged wood that has been infested. Do you have a problem with bees, roaches, bed bugs, scorpions, crickets, ticks, termites, or rodents, Trade and True Can Help! You have found the right place. By contacting Termite Inspector Pest Control right away, you’re going to be able to take advantage of a cost and time-effective solution to your termite problem that’s going to protect your home, your family and give you peace of mind. Baiting is a slow, long-term solution to the termite problem within a structure. Our team, comprised of highly trained Termite Experts, will help you determine whether our two-part Drill and Treat orange oil termite solution or fumigation would be the most robust solution for your situation.